Privacy Policy

Effective Date: March 21, 2023

Policy Summary

This policy lays out how personal information is handled by Tiremag. We are committed to ensuring privacy rights are respected for everyone whose personal information is collected.

What is collected and Why we collect personal information

Some personal information is collected as part of sales inquiries, such as name, contact information, and preferences with regards to tires and wheels.

Who sees your personal information

Personal information is not disclosed without consent unless otherwise required by law. Sales employees and third parties on behalf of Tiremag may require personal information to carry out requests.

How personal information is protected, stored, and destroyed

Personal information is protected, stored, and destroyed in accordance to:

Wherever possible, consent will be sought with respect to the form of consent, ie. Express consent or implied.

Questions or Complaints

Questions or concerns may be communicated to Tiremag through the following means: